Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hello Sunshine

I'm just loving this sunshine we've been having!! We got a 4 mile walk in today, that's a total of 12 miles this week!! I don't think we'll get a walk in tomorrow but hopefully we'll get one on Saturday. I think I've lost my mind with all this sunshine I can't believe how fast this week is flying by and Amber is 6 months today! Can you believe it I feel like we just brought her home yesterday. I haven't done her 6 month pictures yet but here are some from today.

She's so cute laying on her back playing with her hands.
She always seems surprised to see us She is all smiles :)
I love this onesie my aunt made for her, it has cute flowers on her bottom (mom I did not say butt for you:) ) but I couldn't get a picture because she was being grumpy (yes don't let her smiles fool you!)

Today was not all sunshine. Our geneticist called to tell us she made us an appointment with a geneticist at Children's. I guess this geneticist (#3) specializes or has seen what ever it is that they're thinking it is now. Sorry to be so ambiguous about it. I guess it has a difficult name she was going to e-mail it to us so we could look into it but she didn't, she's not a big fan of her e-mail. So we're going to be at the hospital for a very long time tomorrow. Our surgery consult is at 2 and the genetics appointment is at 4, poor baby is going to be so done by the end of the day.

Our car (yes the tiny orange scion) bit the dust. I'm not sure whats up with it except that the hubs called to say he was waiting for it to be towed. I think it will be fixable but it makes things difficult. Even though this really stinks I can see God's hand in it. He wasn't supposed to work tonight and if he hadn't it would have died on our way to or from Boston....and that would have been horrible! Our other car has crapped out on us too but thankfully we can use my moms car.

At this point its kind of funny it seems to be one thing after another. I'm just enjoying this sunshine and hoping it stays for a long time!!

Oh, I would also like to say that I am far from a blogging pro and I am still trying to figure all of this out. I've found that if I use google chrome I have a lot of issues getting my pictures up right. I still can't figure out my video issues I tired again tonight on Internet explorer and it still didn't work. I guess I'll have to get some help from the hubs on this one.

This is an oldie but a goodie :)


  1. Praying re: your trip to & time at the hospital tomorrow. If you've never been to Children's Hosp you are in for a treat in the sense that it is an amazing place ... SO INCREDIBLY(!!!) kid friendly. When you walk in you hardly know your at a hospital.

    That last pic of Baby Bear is just SO cute :)

    So glad you've been able to get out & enjoy the sunshine! Tho' I imagine when Amber smiles like she does in the 2nd pic it lights up the room & provides a good substitute for sunshine on any given day! :)

  2. Dear Schuyler and Luke,
    Thank you so much for your faithfulness in posting these blogs!! I cant even tell you how much I appreciate your updates about Amber, and just hearing the delights and challenges of your days! It makes me feel much closer to you when I have to be so far away.
    I'm with you, in that how good of God to orchestrate that your car does not brake down TODAY on the way to Boston. Thank you Lord!!! I'm smiling to know that you see God's hand in all the details of life!
    I'm surprised to hear that you have a geneticist appointment today. I am so very thankful for the Dr's you have that are working so hard to help Amber. I am in awe of how they are caring for you all.
    I love you and I am praying much for your day..praying for God's protection as you travel, praying for God's guidance as you find your way around in the city and in the hospital, praying for God's wisdom for you and Luke and the doctors, and praying for God's peace for you as you hear whatever it is the Dr's say today.
    I love you all very much, and will be glad to help in any way I can in the days to come.

    ps...Amber, does Gramma notice that your belly is a little tubbier!! :) your mama takes such good care of you!!