Sunday, March 28, 2010

Yellow Ribbon Smiles

Saturday Amber had green beans for the first time and LOVED it!
It's going so much better than the squash did.

My mom invited Amber and I to join her at a Yellow Ribbon Event up in Manchester Vermont. Its an even for families of deployed solders. A time where they can all get together share what they've been going through and get some education on things they need. The people that put it on really took good care of the families. They had massages, fun stuff for the kids and if you had to travel over 50 miles they put you up at the hotel. It was held at the Equinox Hotel, it's quite the swanky place!
Let me give you a little tour of our room :)

I loved the color scheme! And the free baby :)

The full length classic photo was so cool. They were all over the hotel

This was my favorite part. I love when the sink station is outside of the bathroom.

The bathroom was tiny but cute! The ceiling was the old printed tin but in the shower it was really low. I was worried I'd hit my head and I'm only 5' 2"! The cool part was a little square nook in the shower for the soaps. Sorry the pictures so fuzzy some day I'll go back to using a real camera and not my phone :)

We had a really good time and Amber was really well behaved she had lots of smiles for anyone in uniform!! Waiting to see my hubby I haven't seen him since Saturday and I wont see him till the wee hours of Monday morning! It's the longest we've been apart! Although after sitting in on the spouses meeting I feel bad :( They are very strong women, I could not be apart from my hubby for that long!!

Tomorrow I'll be getting up early to pack for our trip to PA!!!
Congrats Dad on meeting some very important people!!!!!!
I told Amber, she has a case of the giggles tonight but I think she was impressed!


  1. Thanks for coming with me! And thank Luke for parting with you two!

  2. Thanks for going with mom. Hey, Is Amber's hair getting truly red. The blog cover photo shows it nice and red.

    Love Ya


  3. :( her hair is dirty blonde. I think she might have been in the sun in the picture above, its kind of red in the sun...her eye brows are orange :)