Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I just love that word! Yes I am a little off my rocker these days thanks to my lack of sleep but I do have a reason for the squash.
Last night Amber had squash for the first time and...she LOVED it! More than rice or oatmeal! It was so stinking cute although she was covered in it.
I think part of her sleeping problem is she has impetigo again around her mouth. It's really bad this time so on top of her antibiotic she has an anti-fungal. She's apparently having an allergic reaction to it so she is a rather grumpy gertie lately :(

She loves to hang out on daddy's lap :)
This was after her dinner. The good news is her dinner filled her up and she went to bed on time at 7. She did wake up a little after 10pm and then was up from 2am to 5am. Ugh, not fun. We did sleep in till 8 but then it was a mad rush to get ready before the early intervention lady came at 9:30.

She is also a little book worm!
She loves to be read to (as long as it rhymes) and loves to look at the pictures. This is her favorite book called "Hippos Go Berserk!", from her grampy before he deployed.
More from my update yesterday; She will be seeing the Children's geneticist again in May and the 1st of April we have another joint appointment with our orthopedist and #1 geneticist. Our interventionist wants us to talk to them about getting her a trunk support brace thing, this may or may not be an option with her chest sensitivity/shape. Our interventionist is also talking with her equipment person about a bigger car bed or some type of car seat that would work better for Amber!
This is Random but..
Yesterday the hubs and I took a trip to our local feed and grain store to pick up some bird seed for my mom. Its one of my favorite places to go. They have some really interesting things there. Every type of bird feeder and some really weird bird feeding gadgets. Some very interesting paraphernalia if you have an over grown rodent pet, like mesh vests to walk them in....I was thinking about getting one for Mr Pickles but I don't think they have XL cat sizes :( What really caught my eye was a big yellow sign at the checkout register. The first part was something about it being that time of year or spring time. The last part was what caught my attention, in big bold letters it said "Reserve Your Chick Now!" In case you didn't know I used to have a pet chicken.

"her" name was Lucy. She turned out to be a he....a very big, loud he and sadly had to be adopted by a very loving vet. I really love chickens as silly as it seems. However, my squatter status, four cats, a baby and a husband that thinks they're dirty keeps me from having anymore. It's really quite sad but seeing how I can't get help making a cat enclosure I don't see how I'd find help making a chicken coop. Ah but I can't help reminiscing about my senior developmental biology class and they're cute fluffiness!

In case you can't tell I really need some sleep!
I'm off to take a much coveted nap now that miss stinkypants has decided to take one too!
Happy Spring To You All!
Don't Forget To Reserve Your Chicks!


  1. Well, Miss "Stinky pants" really makes Gramma smile!!! Love the that she loves to read all about life at your house! Cant wait to see you soon! Give Amber kisses from Gramma! Thanks for the pics and the note Skye...:)

  2. I love the new blog heading picture!! It was nice to watch "Lucy" grow....can't believe I had a rooster in my house. I'm glad the squash was successful for one night, so sorry tonight didn't work as well.

  3. you will notice on your live feed that i visit this page ALOT!! i like to look at your pictures! i miss you Amber! i was walking thru the little girls section at BON TON today and I had to buy you something!! i cant wait to see all of you next week!

  4. Scan the book and I will read it aloud and send the file back to you. Hippo Goes Berserk is fun. Glad she likes reading time.

  5. i'm looking at your adorable pics again,...can you tell i miss you??????????????

  6. I love the picture of the two of you reading! I think you are an amazing family!

    -Wendy Casker