Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Getting to normal ~ part 2

I really did lose my mind at the end of that post last night! Ugh I guess a year and almost nine months of not sleeping well will do that to you. Anyways all day I've been remembering things that I forgot to put in that last post. So, here I go again and hopefully I'll remember it all this time!!

I'm trying to get back to normal (our normal). I'm also trying to get back to being a more function-able human being. I feel like for almost a year now we've been in suspended time and it's time to snap out of it and start actually living life and not just surviving day by day. This means I need to get on a schedule...ugh I don't know why that's so hard but it is. I also need to really tackle the things I put off everyday, like cleaning! I'm hoping that if we get into a good routine then things won't feel so overwhelming all the time. This means I'll either stop posting for a while or hopefully start posting every day. 

Recap: Went to Boston, Amber is bigger, less time on the g-tube!
What I missed:
Amber's g-tube has suddenly decided that it wants to be really gross, to spare you all a lot of puke invoking descriptions. I'm not surprised we had a lot of issues with her belly button taking forever to heal. Right now we're changing the dressing a lot and using an anti-bacterial and something like an anti-fungal (she was allergic to the last one). This is one of the major things I'm hoping C.C.S. can help with. They actually have g-tube and wound specialists. I'm thinking I should really do a whole post with pleasant pictures of her g-tube because it can be kind of confusing. I'm not sure how bad it is but I know it could be worse so that's good. 

Amber has decided to start holding her bottle and do the sign for hungry! Only when she wants to of course. We're quickly entering the stubborn, tantrum throwing stage of life. Yay milestones? 

She is also starting to get more vocal. Consonants are still very hard. She is using a wide variety of tones, pitches and volumes (happy screeches) for different things. Even though she doesn't look like an almost one year old her personality really fits her age. She knows what she likes and doesn't and really lets you know too! I think she gets more adorable every day. Right now she's trying to master raspberries for the third time so her little tongue is out all the time!

I know you can't believe it but I also forgot to put this picture in yesterday!! Can she get any cuter. I've decided we all need more reasons to wear tiaras and flower headbands. 
Time to re-organize all my medical paperwork for Amber's appointment tomorrow. 


  1. hee hee can't wait to see tomorrow's pictures!

  2. I'm enjoying the pictures!!! Will be praying for your day at Boston!