Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Shave The Cat?

See this adorable kitten!!

Well it's all grown up......
She's really more in the annoying teen ager stage...making prank phone calls. 
(no lie I found her like this one day!)

You might recognize this extremely furry feline from past posts. Yes she is the one that ate my gingerbread house, and sleeps in any baby place she can find. She wasn't always a bum. She used to be my baby and when Amber was first born she acted like "Nana" towards her.  Now she's my troublemaker cat! 

To make it worse, this cat who's already in the dog house as it is, has the worst matted hair you could ever imagine! It all happened while we were staying in the hospital and she missed her weekly, daily, hourly brushing. Maybe she's going through a reggae faze?  I don't know but it's beyond horrible. She has mazes of mats. Yes her mats have matted to each other! In two weeks! TWO WEEKS!!! 
(This is before the mats...she might have a few it's new baby time frame)
I'm really at my whits ends with this cat! Everyone in the house has tried to de-tangle the beast! I'm about to find someone to shave her. I really don't want to. So, I'm just wondering if there are any feline aficionado out there reading this baby blog who know what the heck I can do with this poor mess of a cat. Or maybe even someone who knows something about long haired dog grooming?? I know tangles. I've fought hair that thinks it needs to be in dreads by noon and this feels hopeless! 

Can anyone save this cat, before what fragile feline friendship we have is gone? 
Or what little sanity I have left is gone!

 The good o' days
before the fat cat was added
before the baby was added
before the mats came along

Good NIGHT! Seriousness will resume in the morning!


  1. :)...not sure I can help you with the matted cat problem, but your post and pics made me smile! Maybe try some of that de-tangler spray that you get for kids! I used it on the girls when they would get out of the pool and their hair was a tangled mess and it worked really well!

  2. Too funny!! Aww, I miss her Nana days. The mats are NASTY!!!! Hope you can figure something out. Thanks for making me laugh, though.

  3. I know curiousity killed the cat! ... but I'm really curious to see if you decide to shave her. If you do, I hope you'll post pics here :)

  4. try tangles spray ffrom johnsons & johnson and use a wide tooth comb. if all fails doodys animal inn is a place to have her purrrty up:) you are very funny,