Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Blog!!!!

Can you believe it! I almost missed it myself! Today is my blogs birthday! I feel like we should do something special. But what? How 'bout my first post ever;

"This is going to be my first official post! I started this blog to document the last chapter of my pregnancy, the beginning of mommyhood and the joys and trials of being a domestic diva/new wife! I'll be covering topics like my growing bump, trying to set up a nursery, woes of cleaning and cooking, life with a new baby and some other fun/random things that happen to me!

I'm not that computer savvy and I'm hoping this blogging thing get easier (and better looking) over time!"

Don't you wish they were all that short and sweet. This blog is hardly anything I thought it would be when I started it. At the time we had no idea what type of an adventure Amber would bring us on. Looking at her now, all tangled up from playing her oxygen cord, blabbering away at me I wouldn't have it any other way! 

Not so much in honor of the blogs birthday but because it's what I do best we're going to play catch up!

That's not even half of her records! I stayed up late Tuesday night reorganizing all of Amber's early intervention and medical records. The new binders came out really nice! Her C.C.S. appointment went really well! They are scheduling her a sleep study, new orthopedic appointment, trying to get us to see our pulmonary specialist sooner and setting us set up with a car seat specialist. That's just the beginning we probably won't see a lot of other new specialist until the fall just because we want Amber to have some time on her new g-tube feedings to see how she's going to grow and develop. We're going to end up seeing a developmental neurologist to see if they can tell us if her muscle will get any stronger and we'll probably end up seeing a craniofacial (sp?) specialist about Amber's mouth. Oh and we'll get another swallow study at that point too. We'll be going back in three weeks, maybe every three weeks for check ups to see how Amber is doing and if anything new comes up. I really like them they looked her over head to toe, said who we should see and have happen right now, in a few months and then long term depending on how things go. I wish we could have been plug in with them sooner and I'm really looking forward to seeing what else they can do for her.

And because I missed Wordless Wednesday yesterday (our appointment was 3 hours long not including travel time!) here are some pictures :

Amber's 1st trip to the ocean! 
Getting her feet wet
She didn't like it. I can't blame her it's Maine water so it's freezing!!

Amber got a package from her PA Grammy Tuesday

She loves it! Thank you Grammy!
Reading the note.

I think that's all for catching up! 
Oh yes, this is the face Amber has on almost 24/7 lately. Dutifully practicing her raspberries!

Now in honor of this blogs birthday I'd like to hear from my readers! What would you guys like to hear more of or more about. I'd love to answer any questions you have. It doesn't matter how random it is I'd love to hear from you! 
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Thanks to everyone who reads this! Can't wait to hear from you!!!!


  1. Amber's raspberry face is hysterical. haha. She's so cute!

  2. I LOVE the pictures you post. Her face is so expressive and sweet. What a difference between the "Don't put my piggies in that cold water again Daddy!" face....and the "I love my Grammy Amick who sends me presents" face!!

    Paula Keller

  3. Awww Schuyler, I am going to bed smiling with pictures of our sweet Amber dancing in my head!!! I love each and every photo..her tootsies in the ocean, her wonderful mom and dad who do lots of fun things with her, her adorable expressions as she opens my gift, and I am smiling to see a little bit of chub on those little legs and arms!!!
    Sounds like all went really well at Boston with the team who cares for Amber...God is good and is guiding you day by day!!!
    Praying for you as I go to your note about heading to Boston again tomorrow concerning the lump around her G-tube..sure hope it is nothing complicated. Wish I could be there to drive you to Boston....thank you Gramma Collins, for your constant love and availability!!

  4. I can't think of anything that you are not already doing with your blog. Keep up with what you're doing, it's great! You just need to hold up a sign so I don't talk to you while you are trying to write ^_^ I think we need to see the "packing with Grampa" picture next to the "helping Mom organize my medical files". She is growing so much now!!

  5. Happy Blogiversary. Wow - time flies! That was a fun way to celebrate! ... by reposting your first post :) This blog may not be quite what you originally intended but what a story (complete w/ adorable illustrations!) is being recorded here as it unfolds one chapter (post) at a time :)

  6. Anything you post is great. It has helped keep me touch with your family while away. Looking forward to my time home with you and probably driving into Boston. Maybe we can do the Swan boats with her.

    Love Daddio

  7. I love reading any updates you have, Skye...whatever is going on with Amber. And I LOVE the pictures! She looks like she is growing..yay! Keep up the good work :)

  8. I LOVE the newest pics. So glad she got to see the ocean, put her feetsies in the ocean, even if it was cold! Thanks for the updates. Continuing to keep Amber in my prayers.

  9. Looking at your pics Amber....and I am such a silly Grammy! I just realized that if I click on the picture it enlarges and makes it up close and personal and almost like being there!!! Miss you guys..cant wait to see you next week!!