Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Vegetable Garden That Could (and of course stuff about Amber!)

I had pretty much given up on the vegetable garden that I decided to start this year.
So I'm completely shocked at whats happened with it!
This is the first squash we picked!

 More squash growing.
 Something green.
 The overall garden.
 More cucumbers.
 The pumpkin plants.
I can not really take any credit for this garden or these pictures (except the first one of the squash). My husband built the frame, put the loam and llama poop in, set up sprinklers and ended up planting the plants (while we were in the hospital). I did however spread the poop, mix wood ash in and pick out the plants, but that's it. My mom has done some weeding, manned some sprinklers and took the other pictures. I'm not sure how this garden got to be so monstrous, a few weeks ago it was pretty dead! The zucchini are starting to slowly come in and the pumpkins are huge and flowering but no actual pumpkins yet. It looks like we will have a huge crop of squash and cucumbers though! Today we picked three more squash and two cucumbers. The cucumbers tasted great and they made the whole house smells like cucumbers! I think we'll be having a dinner of squash tonight. 

In other news I've actually been motivated the last couple of days! I've finally done some long overdue cleaning and organizing. Sadly I'm no where near done. I should be catching up on my sleep today because Amber has a sleep study tomorrow night! I will have to fill her feeding bag, do medications and get her back to sleep by myself tasks that we usually divvy up at home but they only allow one person to stay overnight with her. Hopefully we can get some good answers from it!
Today we saw Amber's cardiologist and it was a bummer of an appointment. In Boston they stressed that she needs almost weekly echo's to monitor how her heart medication is working and that she would need an MRI soon to see how much her heart was actually leaking. They really stressed getting her heart fix (possibly surgically) because they felt that it's one of the major contributors to why she is so far behind and so small. At the appointment today the Dr felt that it was too soon to see any changes so Amber did not get an echo, they'll do one in a month but it didn't seem like it was a big deal. This Dr also thinks that we should wait till Amber is 5 or 6 before she has an MRI. Hmmm seems to me the last time someone said that (in regards to her diaphragmatic hernia) it got worse a lot sooner than they expected and Amber was the one left struggling physically. I really don't understand how one group can stress the importance of monitoring her and getting an answer and the other just wants to let things run it's course and not find out whats really going on. At this point my best option is to tell C.C.S. who's heard the first group's opinion on her heart and see what they can tell me. 
The goon news of today is Amber had a great Early Intervention session! Other than sitting, standing, walking,  crawling Amber is doing everything she is supposed to be doing at her age. Of course we couldn't help but show off that she does "raspberries" on command.  

And finally because it is "Wordless Wednesday" I give you; A Girl And Her Cat (what this post was going to be called!)


  1. That made my day Schuyler!! Your garden is awesome, and Luke told me today that he had a cucumber sandwich! I cannot get over how much Amber has changed and grown...she is sooo big in momma's lap, and is that a pudgy belly I see??? Those smiles make this Gramma smile!!!!
    Glad the early intervention went so well..cant wait to see and hear the raspberries for myself!! I think I would be frustrated after that Cardiology appointment!! Luke said they didnt do the echo today because the cardiologist didnt hear anything wrong through his stethoscope! WELLLLLLL.....I remember when they did the last echo after her surgery. The echo didnt look good and the DR was surprised that he couldnt hear anything!!!! Why not do the echo?? It could only help to keep monitoring things. But then I am not a cardiologist, I am just a Gramma!
    Well Amber, echo or no echo today are the cutest little 10 month old sweet pea I know! Thank you for the smiles Skye, thanks for showing us your beautiful garden, and I think you have a wonderful hubby and mom!! Love you all...I am starting to count down the days til you get here. A short but sweet trip and I am praying that it will be comfy for Amber!

  2. What a community effort the garden has been! Thanks to a cousin-in-law and his daughters for planting seeds in peat pots and having every single one take off!! Thanks to a grandfather for keeping them alive on his porch waiting for someone to pick them up and deliver them to you. Thanks to an uncle for not only bringing them here but planting them. Who knew it could take so many people for such a tiny plot of earth? Oh, and didn't Allie water them a bit while they sat in the garage while we were all in the hospital?? Whew! What we thought was so hopeless is growing as fast as Amber! Gramma Joyce, Amber can't wait to celebrate your birthday at Lake Jean with you. She is quite an armful now!

  3. I keep looking at these pictures. I cannot get over how much Amber has grown...what exactly are you putting thru that feeding tube??????!!!!!!!

  4. Thanks for your post, Skye. Sorry to hear that your cardiology visit was a disappointment but so glad to hear the good news about Amber's developmental progress and her weight gain! She looks great! I can't wait to hug her!