Monday, July 12, 2010

Grow BABY!

My daily lessons on patience and contentment are slowly paying off. Things are finally growing around here. Thanks to a job change our savings our growing (not that we are even really thinking about that anymore!). Thanks to better weather, a wonderful husband and sprinklers my vegetable garden is growing! I had given up on it but now it looks like we will at least have cucumbers and maybe a yellow thing. The best thing that's finally growing is AMBER!!! She's finally a little over 10 pounds! That's a whole pound in a little over a week. Before that would have taken her a month at best usually a month and a half if not two. Its so great to see her getting bigger but now we just have to wait for her muscle to strengthen, and that will make us even happier!

Her surgical follow up last Friday went perfectly! She'll be monitored every once and a while to make sure nothing is going wrong. As of right now we are in the clear meaning if anything bad in terms of infection and such would have already happened. Her diaphragm is still healing and like any muscle it will take some time for it to strengthen and then we'll be able to better tell how much the surgery helped her. This is also the reason it will take a little bit longer before we go back to weaning her off the oxygen.

This Friday we'll be back at Children's for her nutrition visit. Our hope is that since she's been doing so well with the amount of calories she's been having that they can keep the calorie amount but shorten how long she's hooked up to the pump. We would love to have more time with her off the pump, it's very stressful to go anywhere when she's on it.

I'm praying things will continue to look up!


  1. Ambers growing, your garden is growing!!!...I didnt even know you got it planted..that is exciting!!! And Lukes job is going well! God is good...and it makes me smile to hear you say you are learning patience and contentment :)
    I am praying for your appointment on prayer is that God will guide the DRs to what is best for Amber (and I hope in the process that makes life easier for you and Luke.) I love reading your updates and appreciate you sharing your thots! Love you all♥

  2. God is good! Luke and my uncle planted it when Amber and I were in the hospital they I thought they were goners but guess not!!

  3. What a sweet thing your husband & uncle did for you in planting that garden! I think gardens are one of the best places to talk WITH God. Biblical concepts seem to naturally come to mind in the garden & the Beauty-FULL illustrations He's hidden there in plain sight help us better understand them.