Friday, December 3, 2010

Do you know how hard it is to pick a video! It's much harder than trying to pick picture!
Today I think we'll go for the super chatty Amber one because (in my opinion) it's a pretty good depiction of how life around this house is right now. Full of baby chatter.

Other than a nurse visiting ever 28 days and her weekly Early Intervention visits Amber really doesn't have much going on. She has two visits this month, with a neurologist and her pediatrician but then she has off till March. I can hardly believe it myself!
With a lack of weekly appointments to cause schedule interruptions she's had a lot of free time to think about what she's doing with her life. And she's decided that she's going to spend every waking second telling us how she feels. She's also decided to work off some of her flab and build up some muscle. I have to say when this baby puts her mind to something she really can achieve quite a bit!
For muscle strength she is doing really well with supported sitting. She's well on her way to sitting on her own and I think she'd be closer if she wasn't so scared to fall over. Her muscle control is really come a long way, she can bend herself forward on purpose and pull herself back upright. I've already told you about the walker and jumperoo which is just amazing! We are so proud of everything that she is doing and trying to do, of course we're always proud of her no matter what she is or isn't doing!
She is also quite the conversationalist. It's much easier to show you in these videos than it is to try and figure out how to type baby speak. Because we're talking about it and because I love you all so much I'll try and see if blogger will let me add another video. Just so you can really see how talkative she it!
Isn't she a great mommy! 
I love how she's making the baby bang on it's head, that's something that she does to herself all the time. 
I hope you all enjoy the videos, I'm really sorry for my horrible grammar (can I still use the pain killer excuse?) and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 


  1. what a chatter box!!!!!!! She is so adorable. I love her outfit great colors on her. HAs she said mamama yet?

  2. Omgosh!!!! she is soooo cute you know i really didn't have to tell u how cute she is but u know i have to tell her once in awhile!!!You have no idea how much a miss you Miss amber skye amick!!! You to luke& schuyler ♥ love you guys come down soon im not sick anymore!!!! :D love aunt SARA♥

  3. What a big girl...I still cannot get over how strong Amber is!! Sitting up, grabbing at the camera, whacking her baby!!, and chattering away saying Dadda!!! This makes me smile sooooo much!!! Thank you very very much Skye! I watch these over and over and over..I think I watched Amber playing the piano about 100 times is so precious! I love how she giggles and looks up at you!! Sending hugs, and maybe we will try again to post our goofy Christmas video for you! Mikayla is away and it is on her camera, so when she gets home we will try. Love you 3! ♥

  4. She'll be able to tell me everything I missed and about Sophie. A week or two to go and she can tell me all about her day.


  5. Oh my goodness! I love hearing her say Dada! I also love how she crosses her legs at her ankles. So cute! Thanks for sharing this. It is nice to "see" her! Hope you can visit sometime soon!

  6. I'm cracking up at how she makes her doll knock on her own head! Thanks for posting. I love hearing her chatter!