Thursday, December 16, 2010

Family Time

Can you believe that this was a year ago?
 I can, just by looking at the picture but,
it feels like it's been a lot longer!
We're finally all together! 
If I had been thinking I would have put Amber in the same snowsuit she wore at the deployment ceremony. 

Amber was beyond excited to see her Grampa she never took her eyes off of him when we were in the airport and made "lovey eyes" at him all through lunch! 

It was a great day, Amber was able to visit with her great grandparents too! They are still recovering but doing better everyday! Unfortunately we've got another family member who need healing prayers. The husband right eye has been hurting all week to the point where he was unable to drive today. He saw the eye Dr. today who took three bits of rusted metal out of his eye! I won't tell you the details because it's super gross but (even though it still hurts right now) he should be all better in a few days. Although he seems to be having an allergic reaction to his antibiotics.  

Amber has a neurology appointment tomorrow. It's a new neurologist and I'm not really expecting anything new. 
Then it's fun all weekend long!! By the way WELCOME new readers we love to have you :)


  1. Awe man :( Prayers for Luke. My dad has done that before. Not fun. Wicked happy your father is home. I can't believe it has been a year! So much has happened. Its CRAZY!

  2. Hoooray!! So good to know you're all together in one place now that Grampa's home!!

    Hope Luke's eye is all better soon.