Friday, December 10, 2010

What Time Is It?

I'm sorry to be a Debbie Downer but it really just doesn't feel like Christmas here. My mom put a few more decorations up this morning but they just seem out of place. I'm not even sure why, maybe it's because we've been sick or the lack of family all around but things are just off this year.
Do you remember last year? All the baking posts I had for you, my holiday favorite list, how crafty I was. I don't even have a million Dr appointments like last year for an excuse not be doing these things. Well, being sick is a good excuse to not bake but I could be wrapping presents, decorating or doing some holiday craft. I take it back, I am trying one craft but it's proving to need to much motivation to actually get it finished.
Part of my problem is the lack of snow. I mean come on this is New England! It seems like everyone else has had some snow and all we've had is a few really lame flurries. Freezing temperatures without snow is not fare people.
We also don't have a tree. Last year we had a tree the day after Thanksgiving, the year of the horrible ice storm that almost canceled Christmas we had a tiny tree in our little apartment well before Christmas. I'm not even sure where a tree will go with all of Amber stuff.
I guess my other problem is I feel like I should be really excited for Christmas this year. It will be Amber's first Christmas where she actually knows whats going on around her. Last year she slept through pretty much the whole day.
She's also supposed to be in the Sunday School Christmas thing this Sunday, she would be ringing bells with the other babies/toddlers. She loves ringing her bells and it would be great for her to be able to do something "normal" for once. The problem is she won't be doing it if she's still sick. I really want her to be able to because in the back of my mind there is always the awful thought of will she be with us next Christmas? I hate thinking that way but honestly Amber's diagnosis has made all the holidays and even daily events so bittersweet.
Sorry to be such a downer! This is a video of Amber when we brought all the decorations down around Thanksgiving. She was really excited to see them, she's not wearing glasses because she didn't want to. 

In other news of whats going on around here:
  • My dad is finally state side!! Shouldn't be long now till we see him again!
  • The hubby and I are feeling better
  • My Grandpa is doing much better, in a nursing home for now getting rehab.
  • My Grandma is doing all right, still recovering but should be joining Grandpa soon.
  • Amber is still pretty sick. We took her to the Dr's yesterday. They said right now it's just a cold and there isn't anything they can do for her (other than what we've been doing). They also said they wouldn't be surprised if she got worse next week and if it turned into pneumonia, walking pneumonia or an ear infection. An ear infection isn't fun but it's something that we can deal with that doesn't worry us too much. Any thing else worries us, especially since even with this just being a cold she's in pretty rough shape. Thankfully right now her oxygen sats are good, her heart rate is a little high but manageable, she's still eating fairly well and having good output if you know what I mean. Please be praying that her fever stays low/manageable, that her congestion (which is the major problem) clears or lessens and that her cough goes away. 
Wishing you all a great weekend! I've got the computer back that has most of my pictures on it so maybe I'll muster up a good wordless post!


  1. We're anxious for snow here too. That would certainly add to the ambience :) and if it's going to be this cold, it might as well snow, right?! I have a feeling once your dad is home the Christmas spirit will kick in there :) Thanks for the update on your gandparents. Praying for them! Glad to know they will be together soon. Praying for Amber & hoping she can be in the Children's program.

  2. Stateside, yes I will expecting a Christmas spirit filled house when I do come home. Don't let all the illness get you down.

    Love Ya


  3. ok, time to pull out the big guns....I'll dig out the record player and start playing the Muppet Christmas with John Denver and the Cajun Christmas records!!! Will that help???

  4. my turn..i guess I'll have to send you our retarded Christmas video we made for you..that will surely help you smile and get in the holiday spirit!!! glad your dads on his way home!!! :) and Grandma and Grandpa are on the road to recovery!!

  5. Amber was adorable today! I do believe she was the most enthusiastic bell ringer of them all! :)