Thursday, December 2, 2010

Amber loves to play her little piano! She is getting to be so strong.

Not much is new around here. Amber is becoming a very busy little girl and loves to be sitting up or in her walker for most of the day. Yesterday she tried out her cousin's jumper toy and loved it! I wasn't expecting her to be able to jump but she did right away and went wild in it. I think we know what Santa is going to bring her this Christmas!
As for my neck of the woods; I'm still in a lot of pain. The Dr said it's definitely some muscle strain with a pinched nerve and a possible rotocuff (something like that) tare along with it. So today I get to see an orthopedist and possibly get an MRI.....wooohoo. 

This just means you get to enjoy more videos of Amber!!


  1. Oh, thank you so much Skye!! This makes my day! I have been missing Amber soooo much! I have found that 2 months is about my limit, and then I just cant take not seeing all of you. I have been pretty weepy!!(AS I sit here with tears dripping down my face!)
    I just cant get over how much stronger Amber is! Jumping in a jumper, sitting in her walker, holding her head up and scooting along, playing the piano...what a big girl! She has gained so much strength in the past few months! God is so good, and these little blessings are soooo sweet!!
    I'm praying for you today Skye and hoping that whatever they find will heal quickly!! Glad you have the ortho appt today and will have some answers!
    Thank you so much Skye..and Jodi..for taking time to post pictures and videos. I appreciate it VERY much!!! ♥♥♥ Counting with you til Vin will be home!! will be soon!! :)

  2. You will notice on youtube that this now has 67 views!! I'm pretty sure at least 60 of them are Gramma Amicks! Thanks for the smiles!