Monday, December 13, 2010

Ring Those Christmas Bells!

I am so happy to say that Amber made it to the church yesterday and was able to be in the Sunday School Christmas Program! It was a really rough morning for her but she pulled through and didn't have any issues until we were ready to leave church!
She was so cute! We sat her in her Bumbo seat in front of the other children and it worked perfectly! The teachers sang "Gospel Bells"  while the kids rang their bells. They were supposed to be singing too but it was hard enough to get them to ring the bells!
Amber was one of the first to be handed her bells and she started ringing them madly! When I stepped away from her and she saw all the people she got stage fright and stopped ringing them. Even when she saw me she wouldn't shake them again, just gave me a "deer in the headlight" look! Finally when she saw one of the leaders (who happens to be one of her great aunts) she started ringing them again, only after she stopped being enamored with her singing and ringing bells too.
I was so proud of her! She did so well, didn't have any issues and then sat quietly on my lap and watch the rest of the show! She really is a very good baby!

She was actually happy the rest of day too! Since she's been sick seeing her happy and herself is a rare thing. We took advantage of it and tried to get some cute Christmas photos!
This was another miracle of the day, that she actually sat in the rocker! Of course the non skid stuff under her butt and the fact that the rods in the back of the chair cradled her head helped a lot too. None the less she was so happy to sit in it and find out that she could rock it! I would just like to know where my little baby went! She is looking and acting so grown up these days.

Finally something that I know you wanted to see!
Ringing her bells! 
I'm really hoping that I can get a copy of the program from someone who tapped it! A lot of Amber's family were unable to see her (including her daddy) and I know that they would love to see it!

Hope you all had a merry weekend! I've got quite a lot to do this week, someone very special is coming home very very soon!!


  1. Hmmm... My husband & Strike both recorded from different vantage points. I know the good Dr. is planning to have his son meld various tapings together at some point & I'm assuming those involved will get a copy - but in the meantime I'll ask my husband about sending you Amber's part :)

  2. Skye,
    I am so thrilled that Amber was able to ring her bells! It is so wonderful that she could participate with the other children. I was hoping you would post video and you did not disappoint:) Her video made me teary...she just melts my heart. Kudos to you for making sure she was included in the program and also for using non stick material under her butt when taking your photos. I never would have thought of that!! Hope to see you soon!