Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Things have finally, kind of, settled down since my last post. Since I haven't had a post in a week I'll catch you all up in bulletins form:

  • Monday went shopping at a giant mall with my best friend and her sister
  • Tuesday decorated the tree with my little family, Amber loves ornaments 
  • Wednesday had a lazy morning and then went running around like crazy looking for the last gift
  • Thursday saw my orthopedic Dr. will be another 12 weeks for the nerves to heal, have a dislocated collar bone will be a year before my arms back to normal. Helped my gram wrap presents. Came home and fell on the ice!
  • Wrapped all my presents.  Amber talked all through the Christmas Eve service and then had lots of fun with her cousins at Great Gramma's house! Stayed up late putting a jumperoo together.
Christmas morning we got up early to clean the house for my mom and set up my dad's gift. Amber was so good all day! She unwrapped her presents but was excited to see what was inside, she's such a smarty! She got some really cute outfits and great toys. She loves her new jumperoo but I think she needs one of her heavier cousins to come loosen it up for her. She also loves her new swing, we found one that keeps her at a better angle so her breathing is better. My brother gave the hubby and I a video camera so we have to whole day on video! It will be so great to go back and watch it and to be able to share it with family who couldn't be with us. I'll try and get some shorts on here too! 

Unfortunately I'm on the wrong computer so I don't have any new videos or pictures to show you but, here is Amber's Christmas bells video and I hope it's super adorableness will make up for it!
I can't promise that I'll have many posts this week. We're gearing up for another trip to PA! We're also praying that we get there this time and nothing health or weather wise gets in the way. What I mean to be saying is this is going be another busy week but you can expect some make up posts in the new year!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! 

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