Monday, November 29, 2010

Pain in the....

Well I had a lot of posts planned out for Thanksgiving; things I'm thankful for, fun with family, tasty treats but unfortunately things didn't go as planned. We had planned to go to PA and things were going better than planned. We left early, traffic wasn't too bad except there were a lot of accidents. 
Yes, things were going very well until we crossed the Connecticut border. I'm not sure if you're familiar with a Chevy H.H.R. but the dome lights are pretty much in the trunk area. I had just set up Amber's feed bag and was trying to turn the lights off. My arm was on the drivers seat under the head rest when we hit a bump and I fell into my arm. At least I think I did I don't really remember, the only thing I do remember is a really intense pain and not being able to move my arm or straighten up.  
We changed courses and headed straight for the nearest E.R. I was convince I had dislocated my shoulder blade (if that's even possible) it felt like my ribs were trying to pry my shoulder blade off the rest of my skeleton. 
After much poking, prodding and very painful x-rays the verdict is a strained shoulder or possibly a pulled ligament. It's been almost a week and unfortunately my ribs are still trying to get rid of my shoulder blade, my entire right shoulder/side hurt and it feels like my funny bone has been hit/my hand goes numb when I move my arm certain ways. Thankfully I'm on good pain meds, unfortunately that's why I haven't been posting. Tomorrow I see my Dr and hopefully everything will get straightened out!
I really miss being able to take care of Amber : ( 
She's in good hands,
but I still miss snuggling with her : (

I'm very thankful for my wonderful mom and husband who have been taking great care of Amber and I, believe it or not we're not that easy sometimes! 
Typing isn't really easy but don't worry we've been taking lots of videos so if all works out  it will be mostly picture or video posts until things get fixed. 


  1. Ooooh you poor thing!'s practically painful just reading this! Signing off here w/ a prayer for you.

  2. Ohhh ....ya i do remember when we made it with cut-out cookies!!! thats was soooo fun ♥♥ love ya sara

  3. Bless your heart! I hope the doctor's appointment goes okay and that it is nothing major. Give sweet Amber a hug and a kiss from us!