Monday, November 22, 2010

And She's Off!!

Last week was kind of a drag. After being advised by her cardiologist we've decided to not go ahead with heart surgery for Amber. It was a tough decision to make and I'm having a hard time with the fact that there is nothing we can do for her.

For good we got the ok to start giving her baby food again! She was kind of skeptical of it the first day but now she's loving it again. We'll also be changing up her feeding schedule again. In the next couple of weeks she'll be moving on to big girl formula during the day and pedialight at night. We've discovered that when she has pedialight at night she's much more active during the day and looks a lot better. With this new schedule she'll be getting more food by mouth and it will be a higher calorie so it will even out any extra calories burned by mouth eating.

The best news I have for you which totally makes up for such a crappy week last week is; Amber's therapist dropped off a baby walker on Friday! She tried it out on Friday and loved just being able to stand! The therapist told us it would probably take a while before she started moving in it. We didn't get a chance to put her in it all weekend but today we put her and guess what.....she walked across the kitchen floor! We were totally shocked! I could not be more proud of her!

Sorry it's sideways I was so excited I didn't even think that I wouldn't be able to flip it. Hopefully the tech guy can work his magic and fix it for me.

I could watch this over and over again! She went all the way back twice before she got really tired out but her face is priceless! She is so happy to be able to move around. Pretty soon she'll be all over the house.


  1. How many times can a Grammie watch one video clip??? This is so, so precious...I have watched it over and over!! It amazes me to see how far she has come in the past few months...I still cant get over seeing her sitting up let alone scooting that walker!!! I'll be squeezing you all in person in, lets see, about 20 hours!!!!!♥♥♥

  2. Skye,
    I love,love, love your video! Lil' Miss Amber is on the go! I imagine you will sit and watch her walk around the kitchen for hours. How wonderful that she can be upright and mobile! Yay for Amber! Thanks for keeping us posted on her progress.

  3. Look at her go!! That is sooo exciting! Watching this just made my day!! GO AMBER!! ...wishing you all a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!! Enjoy!!!


  4. AMAZING!!! That is WICKED exciting!!

  5. Just wanted to pop in here again to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy counting your blessings today!

  6. Hey...skye this is really GREAT!!!!! ..and btw i made a post on my blog just 4 you missin u and prayin 4 your arm!!! LOVE you guys♥ love aunt sara♥