Friday, November 12, 2010

Olive Garden Eat Your Heart Out!

It's very rare that I can actually make an edible dinner. By chance I happened to make this very tasty combination. Twice actually so I think it's safe enough to share with you!
We'll call it....Lemon Chicken Pasta.
I'm not great with timing in cooking, as in when you should start things so they end close together. I'll tell you how to make each part but it's up to you on what you want to do first. I also eye ball things (usually why it's not edible) so I don't have the exact measurements to give you.

  • Put some oil in the pan (maybe about 1 TBS) roll it around to cover the pan
  • Shake out some Rotisserie Chicken spice and Mrs. Dash original blend 
  • Squeeze a lemon slice over the pan, sometimes this spits a lot 
  • Shake the spices and squeeze lemon over the chicken before or after you put it in the pan is up to you
  • Cook it till it's cooked!
  • Boil your water and cook your pasta like you usually do
  • Add some lemon, salt and garlic to the water
To Serve:
  • Scoop out the pasta onto your plate
  • Pour a little olive oil over the pasta so it's not stuck together
  • Put some cheese on it if you like
  • Stir in some peas or just leave them on the top
  • Then put your chicken on top!
It cooks up pretty fast and tastes really good! If your up for it I even have some additional sides that go really well.

Lemon Asparagus:
  • Pour some olive oil in the pan
  • Squeeze some lemon in
  • Shake some Mrs. Dash
  • Cut the hard butts off the asparagus and then throw them in and cook till they're soft 
Easy Quick Garlic Bread :
  • Turn your oven on to the Broil setting
  • Lay some bread on a cookie sheet (it doesn't matter what kind you can even use halved hot dog rolls or hamburger buns!)
  • Butter the side facing up and sprinkle garlic powder over it
  • Put it in the over for a few minutes till they're light brown 
  • Take them out carefully flip them over 
  • Butter the new side facing up and sprinkle some more garlic, if you like you can even put grated cheese on this side (don't do it to the first side or it will stick to your pan when you flip them over)
  • Put it back in the oven for a few min (watch out this side will brown up quicker!)
That my friends is a very easy, quick delicious meal that tastes like you put a lot of work into it and that's what I'm all about! 


  1. Sound good you can make it when I come home but PLEASE no asparagus

    Love DAD

  2. great meal idea Schuyler! I like the photos also, it really helps to see the finished masterpiece! If you use whole wheat bread and whole wheat or altered white pasta, you also will have created a delicious and heart healthy meal too! I love that you use mrs. dash, great flavor and not all of the salt!!