Monday, November 8, 2010

A Rainy Day

Last week was rainy and yucky, the weekend was nice but it looks like this week is going to be cold and rainy too.
 So what's the perfect thing to do on a rainy day, other than cuddling and movie watching? 
Pie Making!!

 I am a huge fan of apple pie. I won't even tell you how many I ate right before and after Amber was born!
My mom made the pie filling, Pillsbury made the crust and I cut the holes (my favorite part other than eating).
Amber's favorite part is sitting in her highchair and watching us.
She was rockin a pretty crazy hair do!
I left Amber on the couch for a quick second while I got some pie and I came back to this.
She likes to pull her tape off and apparently found a better place for it.
It was really cute until she started having a meltdown. I guess not being able to see out of that eye was scary!

Tomorrow we have a follow up appointment with Amber's orthopedic surgeon. She'll have a bunch of x-rays to see how things are going and hopefully we'll be able to convince him to look into some equipment for her (she's really sick of being on her back).

Now for some pie!


  1. I agree that Amber had some crazy hair! But I love it! She looks adorable:) I heard you might be coming home for Thanksgiving? Hmmmm....your pie looks really good. Hint, Hint. Hope your appt. goes well tomorrow. I am interested in hearing what kind of equipment the orthopedist might recommend. Give Amber hugs and kisses for me! xoxo

  2. Your pie looks delicious and beautiful, Skye!! My pies normally taste good but look pitiful! My sister always told me they look like a "Priazzo"..which was a pizza kind of thing we used to make at Pizza Hut when we worked there!
    Amber looks like such a big girl with her glasses and her cute hair!!
    I was at the mall today..yea, the great big mall in Bloomsburg!...and I saw the sweeetest little boy with a walker like I have never seen! It looked like a cross between a stroller and a supported his head and all around his waste and had handles for him to hold onto and he was scooting along in it. It was much more supportive than anything I have ever seen. I stopped and talked with him and his mama. He was 2 and such a sweetie. Made me realize there is much more available to help children with special needs than we would even know about. God knows just what our "Sweet Pea" needs to help her be as strong as she can be...I will be praying for your appointment!
    So nice to talk with you all yesterday..cant wait to see you at Thanksgiving..I'm counting down the days!

  3. The pictures are great! I love little kids in glasses (I was one, and so was Jocelyn!) Seems like she doesn't mind wearing them, maybe because she can see her lovely mom?

    There are so many things out there to help the special kids, I am praying you have a good appointment and the doctor can offer some creative ideas for Amber!
    Thanks for sharing your days with us, it's always a blessing :)

    Wendy C.