Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween

Yesterday was Amber's first cognitive Halloween! 
Last year she was only a month old, she didn't really dress up and she slept through most of it. 
She wore a little duck onesie with matching socks that her daddy had bought before she was born.
It was so big she had to wear a ton of layers underneath it, now it barely fits her!
When we were in North Conway earlier this fall we picked her up a "fancy" costume!
 It was really hard to chose just one!

 It even had a tail!!
 She made the cutest little cow! 
(Trying to moo!)
This was her trick or treating buddy. They were too cute together, giving each other looks like "what are you wearing?". Maybe next year they'll actually be able to have some candy :)

Hope you all had a fun Halloween! 


  1. This is almost as good as Wordless Wednesday and its only Monday!!! That cow outfit is the best...well, lets be realistic..the outfit is cute, but Amber is the most adorable part!! And I love her little bunny partner! What a fun are such fun parents! I wish you could have come knocking on our door! We only had one trick-or-treater this year! Thanks for the pics Skye..they make me smile, so I will need to look at them over and over as usual!! :)

  2. I miss the 3 of you! ♥♥♥