Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Amber is getting to be a big grown up girl. 
She loves talking on the phone.
Watching Sesame Street videos.
Chatting our ears off.

It seems like years ago that she was my little lump.
So tiny and precious with that new baby smell
Hardly saying a peep 
She still makes adorable faces and loves to be snuggled, that I am very thankful of.
I do miss hats and swaddling.
I really miss all those new baby things but I do love seeing her become her own little person.

Can you tell I was going through old photos today?


  1. What a sweet trip down memory lane :) Time flies!

  2. Oh Amber, you are sooo adorable with your glasses and your big smile!! And look how much you have grown and changed since the other pics were taken!! I cant wait to see you all...6 more days and counting!! Thank you for the wonderful pics Skye!!

  3. I miss all the new baby stuff as well.

    The glasses and phone are cute and like Gramma Amick the count down is around 25 days


  4. That picture at the top is sooo cute! Her glasses are adorable! Have a safe trip down. Praying for you all.


  5. Missin you guys can't wait to see you and look and of course my favorite niece and only niece!!!

    Love aunt SARA♥♥♥♥

  6. oops i put look i mean't luke!! sorry hehe Aunt sara♥