Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Spectacular Spectacular!

They finally came in!! 
We ordered Amber's glasses back around the end of August, they came in last week but they weren't the right prescription and had to be remade but now they're here!!
Her face when she first had them on was priceless. She seemed amazed at what she could see and couldn't decide what she wanted to look at more. Of course she had to tell everyone about it!
 She is definitely more curious about everything with her glasses on.
Her favorite thing is to pull them up and down to see how we look both ways, it's too cute!
The only down part is the sides seem too long. When she's on her back or side they pop forward or go crooked. It really seems to frustrate her especially since they bug her ears when it happens. I think we'll see if they can adjust them, she does have a back strap but it doesn't go small enough.

Usually she sits on the edge of the counter to check herself out in the mirror but she's so excited now she kicks her legs out into the sink so she has to stand (with me holding her).
It's so neat to see her so excited about everything. And talking so much, the only time we hear this many squeals is when she's on the phone with her daddy!

It was definitely worth the wait for such great results! 
To be honest with you when she first put them on the lady helping us and I both started tearing up it was so precious.


  1. hhoooorrray! What a memory to cherish...her seeing things so clearly for the first time :) Wow - I try to to imagine what it must have been like for her.

  2. I ...MISS YOU!! soooooo much.. some days i wish i could fly so i could fly up to mass.!! say hey to luke for me & AMBER and love all of you!♥♥♥ amber's glasses hehe :)

  3. Oh my goodness!! How great are those glasses?!!! I can just picture her pulling them up and down checking out the "before" and "after" views! Everything must seem brand new to her!!! That is so exciting! ...if you think she didn't want to sleep for fear of 'missing something' before... I'm thinking that it's going to be even MORE difficult to get her to nap now that she can see her world with such clarity!!! :o) She looks so adorable in them!

    You have all been in my prayers...and you'll remain there.

    With love,
    Paula Keller

  4. Need to do a video chat and see how she reacts with her new specs. Enjoying the photos especially the butterfly ones. Showed the glasses pictures to one of my Soldiers and you can tell she was working the camera.

    Love You guys

  5. That is awesome! I can totally picture her taking them on and off to see the difference. I didn't think it was possible, but I am pretty sure she is more adorable :)

  6. Look at all the people from ALL over the world who care about you guys...I like to watch the "Live Feed"! Doesnt it make you feel loved!! Love you all and I am missing you today! Amber..I cant wait to see you..and for you to SEE us with your new glasses! Hugs from your Pa. Grammie! ♥♥♥

  7. that is so great .!!!!! you can tell she sees better even in the pictures,,,,she looks so cute, in them....